Getting the best from your team

There are so many skills required to be a Product Manager (can read in pervious article here).

People are an unpredictable variable and I try to at least mitigate that by using a framework to identify their main characteristics and values that you should validate through time.

The 16 Personalities

Personality Types

There is a full description for each personality on the 16 Personalities Website. They explore each type describing strengths & weaknesses, career paths, workplace habits and so on.

Understanding your team

Here are some steps to help you create a document for your team:

1. Ask team members to take the test

Once people take their tests you collect their results and put in the document.

For example, in my case I was labeled a “campaigner”:

2. Personal Likes/Dislikes:

Each team member should list one bullet of what they like and dislike in general as a person. Likes/dislikes can be food, hobbies, work ethic, etc. This helps people understand how they can better work with their peers.

3. Do not label people, it is just an idea of who they are

It is important to highlight that this is not to label people, it assists you in getting know a team member who you have never met before. Also, there are so many variants that can affect the personality and behavior in certain contexts.

I find it useful to start understanding people thru the test, and continue to learn more about them thru discussions and drawing your own conclusions.

Head of Product at Passei Direto and Founder of ArtishUp

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