Creating the PM Career at Passei Direto

The PM career can vary between different companies and markets. However, a lot of the skills listed here are applicable to any company or market. In our case we are an Edtech platform that helps more than 20M students in Brazil.

At Passei Direto it was necessary to create a more structured career path from the moment we started to grow our team.
Questions we received from PMs included:

  • What skills do I need?
  • What is the difference between a PM and a Senior PM?
  • Why I am not a Senior instead of an Associate? What skills am I missing?
  • My only career path will be to manage other PMs?

We created a document where the team could see answers to their frequent questions regarding their career path, what skills were needed, etc.
For this document we used our past learnings, benchmarking from other companies, and feedback from the team itself.

First, we defined a “Y” career path.
This means that the PM can go to a career in people management or a more technical part where he/she can become a reference in a specific subject.

Second, we defined the necessary skills for each level (in a previous article I mentioned general abilities).
We grouped them into 6 pillars:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Management
  • Details and quality
  • Communication
  • Technical


The necessary skills for each of these groups are shown below (the complete list of skills are in Presentation and Worksheet)

Final Considerations

  • Some specific skills of the Squad/team in which the PM is inserted were not listed here. For example: SEO knowledge, knowledge of Dashboard tools, etc.
  • Necessary skills should not be treated as a simple checklist! To evolve as a PM you need to be constantly in search of delivering results.
  • A reference I found useful was from Clement Kao

Head of Product at Passei Direto and Founder of ArtishUp

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